Warranty Procedure:

From time to time there can be reason to suspect that a product is not performing to specification and needs to be returned for inspection and / or repair. As the products we sell are part of a complex mechanical system it is common for some products to be misdiagnosed as the cause of an issue where they are often actually the symptom.

It is important to follow the warranty procedures listed below.

1. Follow any troubleshooting table and/or information available for your product. These can usually be found in the Troubleshooting section on this website. This helps you to rule out ALL other potential causes of the problem before evoking the warranty process. If after following the guides provided the problem still appears to be with the supplied product, then;

2. Contact APH for additional help. We may require to talk through the issue directly with the diagnosing mechanic so have those details handy.

3. If it still appears to be a fault with the product, it needs to returned for assessment to an address specified by APH.

4. You will issued with a Warranty Claim Authority (WCA) number. If your product is received without a WCA number - your warranty WILL NOT be processed.

5. Due to the technical nature of the products we sell, we will send you a declaration form to fill out which must be included with the returned product.

6. Once received, the assessment can take up to 10 business days after which time you will be contacted with the results. If there is a manufacturing fault the product it will be repaired or replaced. If the product is not at fault we will provide some options to assist.

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