Turbocharger suit Mazda CX-7 MZR DISI 53047109901, L3M713700C DISI AU Ceramic Compressor Upgrade 2 Year Warranty

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PART No. VXTU23231-01

Voxx is a supplier of affordably priced premium aftermarket automotive parts. Voxx parts are direct fit replacements for parts provided by other vendors, covered by our 24 Month Warranty!

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This is a Brand New - Direct Fit Replacement Turbocharger for the original unit with Ceramic Compressor Upgrade fitted to the Mazda CX-7 MZR DISI with the 2.3L DISI AU engine/s - No modifications are required. This turbo is a bolt on replacement for the original 5304-710-9901, L3M713700C unit.

Please check the number on your turbo to ensure it is the correct model. If your number is different, or you have any doubt, please contact us and we'll make sure you get the correct one for your application - WE WILL HAVE THE RIGHT ONE.

Turbocharger Suits

Mazda CX-7 MZR DISI 2005- with the Petrol DISI AU 191 Kw 2.3L Engine

Turbocharger Reference Numbers

K0422-881, K0422881, K0422-882, K0422882, 5304-710-9901, 5304 710 9901, 53047109901, L3K913700F, L3K913700A, L3K9-13700A, L3K913700B, L3K9-13700B, L3K913700C, L3M7-13700C, L3K913700D, L3K9-13700D, L3K913700E, L3K9-13700E, L3K913700F, L3K9-13700F, L3Y11370Z, L3Y1-1370Z, L3Y11370ZA, L3Y1-1370ZA, L3Y11370ZB, L3Y1-1370ZB, L3Y11370ZC, L3Y1-1370ZC, L3Y31370ZC, L3Y3-1370ZC, L3YB1370Z, L3YB-1370Z, L3YB1370ZA, L3YB-1370ZA

All Auto Powerhouse turbochargers and auto parts are covered by a 24 month, Australia based warranty.

Vehicle Specs

Year Range:
Fuel Type:
DISI AU - 2.3L, 191 Kw