Nissan Patrol Garrett Turbocharger Faults and Fixes

Nissan Patrol Garrett Turbocharger Faults and Fixes

Nissan introduced the 3.0L ZD30 Patrol in the early 2000’s as a replacement for the 2.8L RD28 Patrol.
The issue with the RD28 motor in the Patrol, was that it was under powered.
To a degree, that issue was fixed with the introduction of the ZD30 motor.
However, the new motor came with its own set of Nissan Patrol Garrett turbocharger faults.
From experience, the main issue we see is over-boosting.

The Over Boosting Problem and the Nissan Patrol Garrett Turbocharger

Over-boost is the usual reason for replacing the OEM turbo.
The original turbocharger (GT2052v Garrett) will often produce over 21 psi in spikes of boost pressure.
The spikes in boost and the erratic boost-curve produced, are responsible for reducing the life of the original Garrett turbo.
So over time, the problem can cause early failure of the turbocharger.

Why does Over-Boost Occur in the Nissan Patrol ZD30?

There are several reasons for this.
A blanked off Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is a common cause for over-boost.
Blocking the EGR valve is done to increase efficiency and power by allowing the turbo to spool faster.
The price is possible reduction in turbo life.
Additionally, a blocked EGR valve will affect peripheral systems like exhaust.
Temperature variation and resultant out of range sensor readings, affect how the engine is managed by the ECU.
Measurement faults from boost-pressure, intercooler and AirFlow Meter sensors, from unusual engine conditions and fouled sensors cause engine mis-management.

How to reduce the Patrol Over-Boost Fault:

  • Replace faulty sensors.
  • Have fouled sensors cleaned.
  • Get the EGR valve cleaned and operation checked.
  • Installing a high-flow exhaust may help reduce the fault.
  • Install a boost gauge.
  • Install an Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor.

The Best Way – Install a Dawes / Needle-Valve

A Dawes / Needle valve is your best way to reduce over boost.
Set between 11 to 15 psi allows for a happy medium between efficiency and power.
Spool-up will be less erratic and spikes largely contained.
You can expect more turbocharger longevity and less stress on peripheral engine parts.

What if your Nissan Patrol Garrett Turbocharger Faults and Needs Replacement?

If you have a GU Patrol with the ZD30 motor and need a new turbo, consider an upgrade for extra power.

We stock well-priced aftermarket upgrade turbochargers, to fit the Nissan Patrol 3.0L GU Patrol with the ZD30 engine.

Our turbochargers have double the warranty (24 Months) of the original OEM Garrett turbo and are less than half the price.
AND you have a choice of a Ceramic Impeller upgrade or a High Flow Billet Impeller Upgrade.

The High Flow upgrade uses a solid aluminium billet, machined on a CNC mill to produce a high-flow impeller wheel.
The benefit of this is greater, forced air flow through the compressor giving more power and a smoother, more responsive spool-up.
They are balanced on a VSR machine, so vibration at working revs is heavily reduced, giving longer life to the turbo.

Our upgrades do not need any mods upon install or re-mapping / tuning.
They are direct, bolt-on replacement to the OEM Garrett GT2052v turbocharger originally installed on the ZD30 Nissan Patrol.

If you need any further information, or help in matching parts to your vehicle, please contact our sales line: 0490 059 316.