Nissan Patrol 2.8 Loss of Power

Nissan Patrol 2.8 Loss of Power ?

Is the Turbocharged GU Y61 RD28 Under-Powered?

We often hear complaints about Nissan Patrol 2.8 Loss of Power.
The 2.8L Patrol is a bit under powered.
Which is part of the reason Nissan went to the 3.0L ZD30 engine in later Patrol models.

Torque is only modest and it is a bit slow off the mark as the RD28 struggles to get the vehicle moving.
And similar to the 3.0L Patrol, the turbo doesn’t like high-boost.
However unlike the ZD30 engine, the RD28 does not have the same over-boosting problems.
To it’s credit, the 2.8L does rev higher, so can be driven a bit harder in that way, to help compensate for low power.

If you have the choice, the 4.2L Patrol might be better if you are into serious off roading or tow on a regular basis.
If you already have a 2.8L Patrol, then you might consider some small changes for some extra power.

Powering-up the Turbocharged Y61 RD28

For more power at lower revs, some people block off the EGR-Valve.

But Best Bang for buck is:

  • Power Chip.
  • 3 Inch Exhaust.
  • Direct Fitment Upgrade Turbocharger.

Patrol RD28 2.8 Turbocharger Upgrade

If you have a Y61 RD28 (Inter-cooled) and you need a new turbocharger, consider an upgrade for extra power.

We stock an after market upgrade turbocharger, priced for affordability, as well as standard units to suit the Nissan Patrol 2.8L Y61 (inter-cooled) RD28 motor.

Our turbochargers have double the warranty (24 Months) of the original OEM Garrett turbo and are less than half the price.
AND they are a High-Flow Billet Upgrade.

The upgrade uses a solid aluminium billet, machined on a CNC mill to produce a high-flow impeller wheel.
The benefit of this is greater, forced air flow through the compressor giving more power and a smoother, more responsive spool-up.
They are balanced on a VSR machine, so vibration at working revs is heavily reduced, giving longer life to the turbo.

You do not need to do any mods upon install.
As it is a direct, bolt-on replacement to the OEM Garrett GT1752s turbocharger originally installed on the RD28 Patrol.

If you need any further information, or help in matching parts to your vehicle, please contact our sales line: 0490059316.