Mazda CX7 Turbocharger Faults & Fixes

Mazda CX7 Turbocharger Faults and Fix

Mazda CX7 Turbocharger’s failure rate is HIGH


This article is about the petrol Mazda CX7 Turbocharged 2.3L from around 2006 – 2014.
But the 2.2L turbocharged diesel CX7 does not have a fault rate even close to the petrol 2.3L version.
The 2.3 4-cylinder turboed petrol engine is a powerful motor for the size of the vehicle, providing the CX7 plenty of ‘go’.
Unfortunately that performance comes with a price.
Excessive fuel use and an engine that runs too ‘hot’ are familiar complaints.
Documented issues with the VVTi engine focus on the timing-chain and over revving.

We get far too many inquiries for replacement CX7 turbos when compared to other vehicles of a similar age.
And the issues below have been discussed on internet forums and echo our own anecdotal evidence.

What causes Mazda CX7 Turbocharger Faults?

Over-heating and subsequent deterioration of oil are a common factor in turbo faults and failures.
This appears to apply in spades for the 2.3L CX7 Turbocharged engine.
The petrol Mazda CX7 requires a quality fully synthetic oil (if you can afford it).
It can be a cheap insurance against having to replace the turbocharger more than once.

Decreased Intervals between Maintenance
All turbocharged vehicles require regular servicing.
And regular servicing is ABSOLUTELY required for the Mazda CX7 2.3 liter engine.
Each service at a minimum, requires quality oil and oil filter change.
But we also recommend dropping the time intervals and distance traveled between services to 5,000 or so kilometers.
AND every second service the turbocharger oil feed line, drain line and banjo connection bolts could be cleaned as these are bottlenecks for oil flow.

What to do if your CX7 Turbocharger requires Replacing?

Successful installation of a new turbocharger requires following Turbocharger ‘Best Practice’ Tips.

Mazda CX-7 Turbo Charger Replacements
Do you have a Mazda CX7 2.3L turbocharger that needs to be replaced?

We always have these popular turbochargers in current stock, at the very best price for standard & upgrade aftermarket replacement turbos to suit the petrol Mazda CX7 2.3L.

Our turbochargers have double the warranty (24 Months) of the original OEM BorgWarner turbo, and are less than half the price.
AND we stock units that have Bearing Upgrades, Ceramic-coated Impellers and Housing Upgrades.
They provide for better resilience to the oil problems associated with the CX7 than the original OEM.

You can find our cost-effective Direct Upgrade Replacement 2.3L CX7 Turbochargers HERE.

If you need any further information, or help in matching parts to your vehicle, please contact our sales line: 0490 059 316.