Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger Faults and Fixes

Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger Faults and Fixes

Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger’s high failure rate


Anecdotal evidence suggests the Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger Faults more than similar diesel-turbo vehicles.
And as the Hyundai iMax, Starex and H1 2.5L diesels have the same engine and turbo, they also suffer from the same problems.
This article focuses on the iLoad, as sales in Australia of the iLoad are much higher than the other models combined.
However, the same information applies to those other models.

It is common to see turbo failure within 80,000km from new, and again within 20,000km after replacement turbo install.
There are a number of reasons for this, but the root of the cause is problems with oil lubrication.

Problems with Oil are the main reason turbochargers fault.

Once the lubricating qualities of oil are compromised or oil flow restricted, turbo problems and outright failures occur.
Carbon impurities decrease the oil’s ability to lubricate and create a build up in the oil system.
That is true for turbo vehicles in general, but especially true for the Hyundai iload.
Many of the Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger Faults can be traced back to the diesel injectors.

Hyundai iLoad Injectors can cause Turbocharger Failure

More specifically, the seals that seat the injector into the cylinder fault.

Incorrect combustion due to seal ‘leaks’ can create 2 direct problems for the turbocharger:

Excess carbon due to incorrect combustion enters the turbine housing, ‘coking’ up the ring and vane assembly.
The Hyundai iLoad turbocharger uses variable-vane technology.
So a nozzle ring inside the turbine housing actuates vanes to allow for spool up and ‘dump’ of gasses.
The assembly eventually gets jammed with excess carbon deposits, preventing the vanes from operating.

Combustion gases enter the engine crankcase.
And excessive blow by and loss of engine oil lubricating qualities result.
Sludge accumulates in the sump and the rest of the oil system, restricting flow.
Particularly the oil pick and strainer and in bottle-necks such as turbo feed pipes and their connectors such as banjo bolts.
Oil starvation at the turbocharger occurs due to back-pressure preventing oil flow away from turbocharger.
Or, more commonly, free flow of oil into the turbo via the feed pipe and connectors, is reduced or blocked entirely.
Excess wear and short turbo life or compete failure of the turbocharger is the result.

Check the Injector Fault and Fix it

Do an initial check by looking for carbon build-up around the base of the diesel injectors.
Carbonization around the base is likely due to a washer leak.
Remove the injectors and carefully clean up the excess carbon.
Get replacement washers and clamp bolts (that hold the injectors in) and re-install by torqueing to correct specification.
At the same time, oil and oil filter should be replaced at minimum.
And it is recommended that the entire oil system be checked and cleaned, including dropping the sump and cleaning the oil pick up etc.

Hyundai iLoad Preemptive Maintenance

If you have a Hyundai iLoad that has done over 40,000 km, do the following easy, quick checks:

  • Check the diesel injector seats.
  • Check the impeller wheel for excess shaft play (by GENTLY wiggling the shaft).

Do regular oil/oil filter changes with a quality oil

If you really want to reduce iLoad turbocharger faults, replace both oil/filter every 5,000-8,000 km.
Use a fully synthetic oil and every 2 or 3 services, drop out the sump and at a minimum clean the oil pick-up and strainer.

What to do with Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger Faults that require Replacement?

New turbocharger fitment requires adherence to Turbocharger ‘Best Practice’ Techniques.

Hyundai iLoad iMax Starex H1 Turbocharger Replacements
Do you have a Hyundai iMax / iLoad / H1 or Starex 2.5L diesel turbocharger that has to be replaced?

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