1VDFTV 4.5L V8 Landcruiser Electronic Stepper Motor Fault and Fix

1VDFTV 4.5L V8 Landcruiser Electronic Stepper Motor Fault and Fix


What is a Landcruiser Electronic Stepper Motor?

Toyota V8 200 Series Land Cruiser have geometric variable vane technology that is electrically managed.
Being that, the usual dump valve is replaced with an assembly in the turbine housing.
The assembly is made up of a ring and vanes.
Vane angle inside the turbine determines how much pressure is built up on spool, and is released at dump.
Actuation of angle change of vanes comes from an electronic actuator/stepper motor attached to the turbo.
When that system ceases to work, you have a landcruiser electronic stepper motor fault.

Problems with these stepper motors are common, and below you will find more information on checking the issue and fixing it.

Faults with Landcruiser Electronic Stepper Motors have previously required replacement of the whole turbocharger unit.
This is a major problem with the 200 Series Land Cruiser.
It has a left and right side turbo and usually the entire engine needs to be dropped to get at the turbo units.

We can now supply stepper motors independently of the turbo unit, so you can swap out a faulty stepper motor rather than the entire turbo unit.

How to check for faults in a Landcruiser Stepper Motor

Look for signs of physical issues around the turbocharger assembly.
Have you run the Landcruiser through a deep creek?
Doing so can sometimes create problems due to moisture ingress in the wiring, or in the casing of the stepper motor.
Also check all wiring for worn patches that expose current and lead to short circuits.

An old turbo or one run in dusty environments, can show signs of wear by lacking normal boosting capacity.
A worn turbo will likely have excessive lateral movement in the compressor wheel.
And may start whining when boosting or leaking leaking oil.
At some point when the wear becomes a problem for the ECU, limp mode may be activated and you wont be able to get more than 1500 rpm from the engine.
Check for these issues, as wear like this in the turbo does not necessarily indicate stepper motor problems.
Likely, it is the turbo only that needs replacement.

Where boost is lacking and there are no physical signs like those above, stepper fault is more likely.
Especially when fault codes produced by the onboard computer indicate stepper or boost issues.
An OBD scanning tool can be used to extract the codes from the ECU memory.
Typical codes may show in the tool like this: P1251 (34) Turbo stepper motor circuit (intermittent).
Others are similar, and are further described in this article.

Codes like this indicate you could have a Landcruiser electronic stepper motor fault.

And if Replacement of the Stepper Motor is Necessary?

Why change-out the entire turbo unit?
That is redundant if the fault is in the stepper only. But Toyota only sells entire turbocharger units.
Toyota benefits with extra profit, and the customer loses by buying redundant parts.

The Better Way:

Save yourself a couple of thousand!
AND, save labour costs!
AND, get a 24 month warranty on the part (double that provided by Toyota OEM).
You can now purchase JUST the Landcruiser Electronic Stepper Motors HERE….!

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